12 Great Summer Goals for Retirees

Summer is a fantastic time of year. The weather is beautiful, and the sun is shining! What better time to enjoy the great outdoors and make the most of the great weather? To get the most out of summer, many like to make a list of goals for the season. 

Retiring from the workforce can be a chance to reconnect with your greatest passions and most important goals. It all depends on what you choose to do in your retirement. You can try new experiences, develop new skills, and devote more time to the people and hobbies you love. 

As a retiree, you no longer have to deal with work-related deadlines. You are free to have fun and do what you want, on your terms. That said, here are several great ideas to add to your list of goals to accomplish this summer!

Summer Goal Ideas for Older Adults

  1. Grow a Garden

    Gardening is a wonderful way to spend your free time. You might discover your green thumb and save money by growing your fresh vegetables in the comfort of your own home. You can plant what you believe is easiest to manage, whether it's simply one or two indoor plants or a big outside garden. Consider selling or giving away excess food to neighbors and friends. 

  2. Leave a Tasty Legacy

    Of the many things that can be passed down to family members, the most memorable sometimes have to do with food. A cookbook of family favorites is a good way to bring family members together with shared recipes and memories. Copy centers can bind these recipes together into into beautiful keepsake books. 
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  3. Find Volunteering Opportunities in Your Community

    For retirees, a volunteer position can mean supporting a favorite cause, helping people in need, or giving back to the broader community while building new skills, widening social circles, staying engaged, and broadening your point of view. Keep your mind sharp and give back to the community by volunteering. Talk to your local rotary club, non-profits, and charitable organizations that resonate with you. Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities you can participate in! Volunteering with friends and family can also bring you closer together. 

  4. Declutter

    Summer can be a great time to get rid of clutter and improve the space around you. Make this chore more special by sorting through old photos and keepsakes with your family. This frequently leads to enjoyable hours spent reminiscing about fond memories. Summer is also a great time to set up a yard sale and get rid of those unnecessary items around your home

  5. Read in Nature

    older couple reading together outside during picnicTaking a great novel outdoors can help make reading even more serene and rejuvenating. You can suggest that your book club move outdoors while the weather is still nice. Having members gather around and read in a pretty, quiet area, like a shady nook in a park or even on the patio, can be a wonderful way to unwind.

  6. Write a Memoir

    Writing memoirs of a remarkable (or even ordinarily) life can be cathartic for the writer and eye-opening to those who read them. People who have never written before might find it difficult to start such a project, but there's plenty of help out there from online websites and forums, continuing education classes and workshops at colleges, and even teleconferences. If the act of putting pen to paper or fingers to keys is difficult, phones, tablets, and computers have software to turn speech into text. Click here to learn more about how to write your memoir

  7. Find a Fitness Routine You Love

    There is little that will keep you younger than beginning an exercise regime you truly enjoy. One of the best exercises requiring nothing more than a good pair of shoes is walking. Some other great ideas could include yoga, spinning, hiking, and swimming

  8. Get Outside and Enjoy Nature

    Summer is the ideal time to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us. Many spots, fortunately, have concrete walkways that may easily accommodate wheelchairs or other mobility equipment, allowing seniors to fully enjoy these nature hikes. A nature walk does not have to be done alone. When family and friends join in, it is a terrific opportunity to interact while getting some exercise.

  9. Get Crafty

    grandmother and child knitting togetherArts and crafts or sewing is a fun way to create something to be proud of. For example, crocheting a blanket or creating a painting can help stimulate the senses, boost your mood, and trigger positive memories. Find a creative activity you love, and consider making goods, like knitting scarves or hats, that you can give to family and friends, or even donate to others in need! 

  10. Practice Chair Yoga Outside

    Chair yoga is a beneficial activity for seniors because it eases pressure on the joins for those with mobility issues. Doing a variety of poses, flows, and routines can help relieve pain and improve flexibility and posture. Chair yoga also involves meditation, which helps clear the mind and promotes relaxation. Meditation helps people lower their anxiety levels, relax their muscles, and be present in what they're doing. Practice chair yoga in nature, and you can experience even greater benefits to your mind, body, and overall health and mood. 

  11. Visit a Farmer's Market

    Check out the fresh produce and flowers at the local farmer's markets. Bring some fresh flowers home to brighter up your room, or learn how to cook a new meal. Invite your neighbors or friends over for a picnic with your fresh produce from the farmer's market. 

  12. Join a Walking Club

    Strengthen your muscles and bones, keep your heart healthy, and enjoy the mood-lifting benefits of nature by joining a walking club. By joining a group, you get not only all the mental and physical benefits of walking outdoors but also the motivation and social benefits of taking part in the activity with others. 

Let us know in the comments below - what other summer goals are on your list?

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