5 Benefits of Swimming for Older Adults

Swimming is often considered one of the best exercise options. Typically children from an early age start swimming because it's a fun way to cool down on a hot day. However, swimming also provides a great exercise for people of any age. For older adults, swimming offers numerous health benefits. A few advantages of choosing to regularly swim include:

  • Apart from being an enjoyable activity, swimming is an exercise designed to help stay fit for the long-term
  • Swimming is a healthy activity that you can continue practicing for many years to come
  • Swimming is a low-impact activity and easy on joints
  • It is easy to find classes and instruction
  • Swimming increases cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and endurance
  • Builds strength and tones muscles

Once you take a dip in the swimming pool, you will feel refreshed. If you know how to swim, then don't wait. Age is just a number, and you shouldn't neglect the benefits of this activity. Let's dig deeper into some of the benefits:

Benefits of Swimming for Older Adults

     1. Maintains a Healthy Heart

Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. When swimming, your heart beats faster than normal, and blood flows more quickly than usual. This increases blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. As a result, the chances of a heart attack are reduced. Click here to learn more about protecting your heart health

     2. Reduces Joint Pain

Water aerobics instructor outside of pool

As we age, many people experience stiff joints and pain. These are particularly prevalent in the knee and hip areas. While no activity is likely to entirely eliminate joint pain, it has been observed that swimmers have fewer complications than non-swimmers. Many gym and weight-related exercises create a significant strain on the body and joints. In contrast, swimming reduces pressure and creates less stress on the joints. If you are suffering from typical common conditions like arthritis, swimming can help you a lot.

     3. Increases muscle strength

If not adequately maintained, everyone naturally suffers from muscle loss. To combat atrophy, we must exercise the muscles. One of the most significant advantages of swimming is; it requires most of the major muscles in our body.

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     4. Reduces Risk of Falling

A significant threat to the health of older adults is falling. Falls are unpredictable, and it is a long list of possible complications resulting from the fall as well. It has been observed that older people who swim have a lower chance of falling than those who don't swim. As the act of swimming exercises the muscle groups and provides stability to the human body, it is a recommended activity to combat this risk. 

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     5. Improves Mental Fitness

As we age, we often see an increased risk of depression, anxiety, or stress. Leading an active life physically and socially helps to prevent these feelings. Exercise releases positive and healthy hormones. Plus, if you swim with other people, it will not only help you stay physically fit, but you'll benefit mentally as well.

So, if you want to stay agile as an older adult, swimming is one of the best options. There are several types of swimming: water aerobics, water resistance, and water relaxation exercises. Consider making it a daily routine like taking medicine or going for a morning walk. Choose a safe environment under an able instructor. Warm up and stretch your muscles before getting in. Enjoy the water and these benefits as you get into your new exercise routine!
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