6 Benefits of Working Out With a Partner

Staying physically fit throughout life is essential for wellness and becomes even more so as we get older. Strength, flexibility, and stamina can decrease faster after 30, even more so after 60.

One of the significant issues is that we fall out of workout routines, and the longer we wait to pick them back up, the more challenging it becomes.

If it has been some time since you've worked out or you feel like your workouts are boring, and you want to stop, a great option is working out with a partner, which provides a range of benefits to improve your life.

6 Benefits of Having a Working Partner

  1. Make Your Workouts More Fun

    group of older adults performing chair exercises togetherIf you're finding working out to be a boring task that you don't feel like doing, working out with a partner can add some fun to the process. It may even make your workouts longer and more effective because you're not watching the clock to hit the required 30 minutes per day.

    Working out with a partner allows you to talk and push each other further, making it a much more enjoyable activity than drudging through a workout routine by yourself.

    While talking and engaging, your mind isn't focused on how far you need to go or how many reps and steps you need to do.

    You'll be able to add some competition to your workout routines, which for many people can be a much more enjoyable process and keeps you engaged in the activity as you compete each day.

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  2. Get More Motivation

    Losing motivation is one of the biggest factors in people falling out of workout routines or even just getting out for a walk every day.

    By working out with a partner, you can keep each other motivated and pushing forward. Studies have shown that working out with a partner or group will keep you more motivated as the healthy habits of others rub off on you.

    So while you may not feel like getting up on a particular day, your workout partner can encourage you to get active on days that your motivation is low.

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  3. Keep You Accountable And On Track

    Working out with a partner keeps you accountable for your workouts and on track with your workout plans and goals.

    With a workout buddy, you're much more likely to stick to your workouts. If you do fall out of the routine of daily walks, working out, and just staying physically active, then a workout partner is there to push you back into the process.

    It's extremely easy to skip a workout or watch TV instead of going for a walk when nobody is waiting for you or necessarily cares if you do it or not.

    It generally takes about 30 days to build the habit of a new workout routine. Unfortunately, falling out of your workouts can only take a few days, so working out with a partner is an excellent way to get back on track.

  4. Build New Relationships And Larger Social Circles

    Working out with a partner provides extra courage to push yourself into new situations and increase your social circles. It's very easy to stay at home, let your friendships fade, and not replace them with new relationships.

    A workout partner means you can venture into new opportunities. Have a wingman or wingwoman to help push you into social interactions, meet new people, or spark a relationship.

    A workout buddy also gives you the courage to join group activities like yoga, spin classes, or anything else that you've wanted to do but struggle to find the motivation or courage to step out of your comfort zone.

  5. Reduce Your Injury Risk

    older couple working out together at homeAs our bodies age, they take on a lot of wear and tear. However, when you're motivated by working out with a partner, you're more likely to complete your workouts and even add more physical activity into your day.

    If you're not working out, your muscle mass will decrease, flexibility can worsen, and even your bone density can decrease. You may even find that your heart health deteriorates, and other diseases creep into your life.

    These issues can result in injury, disease, and even bone fractures which limits what you can do in your daily life.

    Keeping your workouts going with a partner allows you to protect your bones and gives you the strength needed for basic tasks like getting up after a fall or even getting out of a chair without issues.

    You'll also keep your overall health, including your heart health, in excellent condition and enjoy a much longer and more enjoyable life.

  6. Increase Your Workout Options

    Working out with a partner increases your workout options, such as being able to participate in more activities like a game of basketball or tennis.

    While you may be able to play some sports by yourself, working out with a partner means you can fully participate and enjoy the sport more. It's much more fun to play a sport with someone, rather than just practicing by yourself.

    If you're working out in the gym, having a workout buddy can provide support and protection to lift a little more weight or set up different challenging exercises for yourself.

Should You Get A Work Out Partner?

Working out with a partner, whether your spouse, neighbor, friend, or anybody else who wants to stay active, is a great way to stay motivated with your fitness goals. In addition, it provides a lot more fun and different options in your workout routines.

While physical fitness is the primary goal of keeping your body working effectively and fighting off disease, one of the greatest benefits is that increased physical activity will keep your mind sharp as you get older.

If you have the opportunity of working out with a partner, you should grab it and get moving today.

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