Simple Yoga Poses for Older Adults to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Your impression (and frequent pop culture depictions) of yoga might generate images of fit young people performing painful-looking poses. However, older adults can significantly benefit from a wide variety of yoga styles, and it just might be the perfect addition to your fitness routine.

Yoga is not only mentally and physically refreshing and stimulating, but it also helps to maintain proper hormonal balance among many other benefits. Yoga is adaptable to practically any lifestyle and level of fitness. It is also possible to practice yoga at any age, making it an excellent activity for many years to come. 

 The simple yoga asanas, or poses, for older adults vary from standing and sitting to lying down. There are numerous asanas that older adults can perform with ease and minimal risk of pain or injury.

Below are several recommended yoga poses for older adults:

  • Marjariasana

    • Marjariasana, or the Cat Pose, is another relatively simple and beneficial yoga pose. This pose relaxes your brain, relieves back pain, and gives flexibility to the spine. It also activates digestive organs, burns belly fat, and builds strength in wrists and shoulders. 

      Check out this blog to learn more about how to perform this pose. 

As you can see, there are many different yoga poses to benefit older adults. Whether you are able to go to a local studio, or you prefer to practice in the comfort of your own home, consider grabbing a yoga mat and giving these poses a try. Yoga can be performed socially with professional instruction, or if you are comfortable with the poses, on your own. Consider online instructors or instructional videos to help you achieve the most from your exercise. 

Let us know, what is your favorite yoga pose?

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