These 10 Easy Tips Will Help Tidy Your Closet and Declutter Your Life

You are likely familiar with the old saying, "messy closet, messy life." This adage implies that someone with a cluttered closet has an unorganized life. It has been around as long as closets themselves, but it still holds true in the modern world. While centuries-year-old sayings might not be an exact science, the state of your closet can be a direct indicator of your lifestyle. Maybe you don't have the time, space, or physical ability to keep your closet tidy. Perhaps you choose to live a more carefree, throw-it-and-leave-it type of lifestyle.

With the right organization tips, even the busiest or most carefree individuals will still be able to maintain a tidy, well-organized closet. Here are ten easy closet organization tips that help you tidy your closet and de-clutter your life!

Declutter Your Life and Closet with these 10 Tips

  1. Clear Out Some of the Clutter

    woman working on floor among boxes of clutterThe first tip is to clear out some of that excess clutter in your closet. It can be hard to let go, but excess clutter does nothing but overwhelm the closet space. The best method for deciphering which items should stay and which should go is using emotional connections. Do you have an emotional connection to this item? Does it make you happy when you look at or touch it? No? Then get rid of it. It might be hard at first, but after a few items, you'll start enjoying the freedom of releasing unneeded items.

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  2. Wall Racks and Wall Hangers are Your Friends

    The best method for closet organization is to use the walls as your primary source of storage. If you weren't blessed with a walk-in closet with built-in shelves, there are other options for you! Organize your belongings with wall racks and wall hangers, holding anything from clothes to boxes to bags to shoes.

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  3. Organize by Use and Put the Most Used at Eye Level

    The fastest way to mess up a clean closet is by putting the most frequently used items towards the bottom or the back. Not only does this cause more strain on your back because you have to bend down, but you're also more likely to carelessly pull out this item, which will misplace any garments near it. To avoid this, put your most used items on top and in front and keep them at eye level for easy access.

  4. Shoe Organizers, Shoe Organizers, Shoe Organizers!

    shelf of shoes in closet

    Nothing takes up space like shoes and shoe boxes. Shoes can make even the tidiest closet can look messy and unkempt. The best way to avoid this is to invest in shoe organizers. Options include over the door, floor stands, and wall shelves. Mix and match, and use as many organizers you need. There are so many options in shoe organization - use them!

  5. Combination Storage Furniture is Very Useful

    There are so many options when it comes to storage furniture. If you want to make the most out of your space, look at combination storage furniture. Some options offer basket storage, drawer space, and hanging units, bringing organization to even the smallest, most cluttered closets.

  6. Go Up, Not Out

    When you're limited on closet space, it may be tempting to fill the floor space first and then stack on top. This method not only clutters your small space, but it also wastes potential. An excellent interior decorating trick is to store up, not out. Leave negative floor space and install shelving for all your storage needs. This trick will have your closet looking bigger and better.

  7. Coordinated Hangers Keep the Closet Looking Chic and Clean

    coordinated hangers in closetYou may not notice it now, but uncoordinated hangers can take away from the closet's quality. Switching to all matching hangers will keep your closet looking chic, clean, and coordinated. Some hangers are even designed to help clothes hang straighter and save space. Having all the same hanger will help you like the look of your closet that much more!

  8. Armoires are Great for Little Closet Space

    If you have very little closet space (or no closet space at all), armoires are a stylish, classy alternative. Armoires come with many features like hanging space, cubbies, and drawer organization. If you need a little extra in your closet, but you don't have enough room, your best bet is an armoire.

  9. Over the Door Storage

    Sticking to our "up not out" rule, it's always best to utilize wall and door space. One of the best ways to do this is to use over the door storage options. Over-the-door storage is usually intended for shoe storage, but a creative mind can use it for easy access.

  10. Label All Boxes

    There's nothing more annoying than going through box after box of stored shoes, not sure where to find the pair that you're looking for. Save yourself time and stress by putting labels on each of the boxes. All it takes is a little tape and a marker (or a label maker if you want to be fancy). Write a brief description of the shoes on the box. With labels, you can store it and forget about it until you need them.

Whether you prefer over the door storage, wall hangers, or traditional armoires, one thing is for sure: organizing your closet feels excellent. Whenever you see the final tidy, well-organized result, it's like taking a breath of fresh air. Follow these ten easy closet organization tips and watch as your closet becomes your favorite spot in the house.

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