10 Ideas for Your Retirement Bucket List

Many new retirees are very curious and excited to do things they haven't done before or haven't had time to do while working. Many enter retirement with solidified SMART goals. However, many retirees don't have any plan or bucket list. They may find themselves lost or inactive after leaving their careers. If you can relate to this feeling, don't worry! In this post, we will identify a few ideas to spark inspiration for your retirement bucket list.

We recommend coming up with a retirement bucket list of those activities you are interested in doing with your newfound free time. A bucket list is the list of things you want to experience or accomplish in your lifetime. Ten ideas for your retirement bucket list are below:

Top 10 Bucket List Ideas to Spruce Up Your Retirement! 

  1. Travel

    Grand Canal in sunset time, Venice, ItalyTraveling is one of the best things you can do after retirement. Most people have a desire to travel and to explore new places. Many of them are so busy with their job and work that it is challenging for them to travel. However, after retirement, you can explore new places with your family, friends, or on your own!

    Click here to learn more about traveling in retirement.

    Can't travel? Consider a stay-cation, with fascinating explorations in your own community

  2. Find a New Workout You Love

    Regardless of age, it is essential to stay mentally and physically active. It is much easier to stay active when you find an exercise you enjoy doing, so it doesn't feel like a chore. You might like walking, skiing, spinning, swimming, hiking, weightlifting, yoga, or any other routine. Consider trying something new or changing up the routine by mixing in several different activities. These all provide seemingly unlimited benefits to your health and help you to feel better day by day.

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  3. Write

    Many people have always wanted to write, but never made enough time for it. If you identify with that last statement, you should add writing to your bucket list. You can write poetry, essays, creative stories, memoirs, or even blogs about your expertise and experiences! It will positively consume your time and increase productivity. You can even learn something new each time you start writing. This is one of the most creative things to add to your bucket list.

    fashion-woman-notebook-pen-34072-1No higher education or specific qualifications are required to write a book. You can share life experiences, write about a subject you know well, or even create a recipe book. You can even publish your book more easily than ever before! If you want to self-publish, you can do it by using Amazon. It allows you to write, create a book cover, upload, and make it available to the world!

    If writing an entire book seems too big of a project, or is not your style, consider writing a blog!

  4. Visit New Restaurants

    If you enjoy meals and eating out, you should certainly add this activity to your retirement bucket list. You could make it a goal to try a new type of meal every month, or eat at a restaurant you've never been to. It is healthy to experience new environments and meet new people. You might even discover you have a new favorite meal! An added perk of this idea is having to cook less at home and do fewer dishes.

    Check out which restaurant companies might even have loyalty systems or senior discounts.

  5. Make Your Own Video Channel

    Seriously! Starting your own YouTube or TikTok channel is easier than you probably expect. You can post videos on many topics like your own experiences, cooking videos, dance videos, singing, or any other talent of yours. This is the best platform where you can show your hidden talent. This is a great opportunity to possibly learn a few new skills, too, like voice acting, animation, or video editing.

    Learn about getting started with TikTok!

  6. Volunteer

    Determine what is important to you. There are all kinds of volunteer opportunities to fit different interests, ages, fitness levels, etc. You'd be surprised how many great organizations close to your home are looking for help, which requires minimal commitment. Perhaps you even have grandchildren in school - there are often opportunities to volunteer at school events, lunches, or after-school activities. You can feel great about how you are spending your time, and others will appreciate your work.

  7. Find an Activity to Enjoy with Grandchildren

    Portrait of a smiling senior couple and grandchildren at the park-1Nothing forms a bond between grandparents and grandchildren like finding activities to do together and grow up enjoying. Perhaps you always like to play a board game together, go fishing, or bake treats. Finding common interests will be a worthwhile activity that provides years of bonding and growth.

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  8. Grow a Garden

    Happy grandmother gardening on a sunny day (1)You can grow a flower garden or a kitchen garden full of vegetables. It is a perfect time-consuming and productive activity. The planning and exercise from gardening are beneficial both physically and cognitively. Remember, you can even enjoy healthy and nutritious snacks, right from your own yard.

    It is easy to learn a lot about gardening and tips to get started online - try out blog post, 9 Reasons to Grow a Garden in Retirement! You can even discuss with others and learn from peers in our Facebook group.

  9. Join a Dance Club

    Mature couple dancing in the parkAdd dancing to your retirement bucket list. Dancing is a very healthy exercise, and you'll enjoy it too! You can join a local dance club or do it in your own home. Buy a music system, play your favorite dance video, and start following along with the video. If you do it in the morning, it will be a good morning energy booster for you.

  10. Grows Your Friend Base

    Many retirees who leave work risk losing a large aspect of their social life. The thought of being less productive and less useful can be challenging to cope with. Friends motivate at every stage of life. This makes it important to continue building and connecting with friends. An increasingly popular method is to use online games to connect with and meet new friends. Many games allow you to play with your friends or meet other players.

Before making a retirement bucket list, always remember age is just a number. You can do anything you want to do at any stage of your life. You don't have to care about what people will say. Do whatever your heart is craving. Spend time with your life partner. Make a retirement bucket list and try to achieve each thing you have written in it. You will be more satisfied with your life while accomplishing everything you've wanted to do before—all the very best for your new phase of life.

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