10 Great Activities to Share with Your Grandchildren this Winter

Spending time with your grandchildren is so lovely. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to keep them occupied and attentive, and all too often, you hear that they are bored. This is especially challenging during the winter season when they may not be able to do many of their favorite outdoor activities. If you are looking for ideas to spend quality time together over the coming cold months, don't worry! This article outlines ten fantastic ideas that will not only keep them occupied but help you build cherished memories together, too.

Try These Activities with Your Grandchildren this Winter!

  1. Watch a Movie from the Past and Present

    drive in theaterPop some popcorn and snuggle under the blankets to watch one of your favorite movies. Then, watch one of their favorite movies. Watching one of your favorite movies helps them connect with you more because it's probably not something they have watched before. Your together time is frequently about what they want to do or watch. Once your movie is over, you can watch one of their favorite movies, and that will make them feel closer to you. For years to come, they will cherish that movie because of its relation to you.

  2. Cook a Meal with Your Grandchildren

    compressjpgHappy family cooking together at home and smiling (1)Let them help, from planning the menu to putting it all on the table and eating. They will learn how to balance a healthy plate, read a recipe, measure and count, set the table, and more. You can also give them a first-hand lesson in table-setting etiquette, which they may not know yet. You can even combine some of your favorite dishes with theirs so you can create a full and fun meal that everyone will love.

  3. Teach a Lesson in Basic Sewing

    needle and thread sewingIt's incredibly helpful to know how to sew on a button or sew a single straight stitch. Use a pencil to draw a straight line on some scrap fabric and have your younger grandchildren hand-sew the line. This will help them focus on where their needle will come up and where to put it down. For the older grandchildren, let them sew a pillow with a pocket on the front to place their cell phones. They will always have that pillow to think of you. If the grandchildren seem very interested in sewing, you may want to use this opportunity to also teach them how to repair a hole in their sock or a tear in a shirt.

  4. Make Paper Snowflakes

    paper snowflakesNo two snowflakes are alike. You can make snowflakes with your grandchildren and decorate them. Then, you can hang each unique snowflake in the window or on the tree. When they go back home, you can fold up the snowflakes for easy storage, and they can take them to keep and remember your time together. Want some help creating pretty paper snowflakes? Click here to learn how!

  5. Create a Scrapbook Together

    making a scrapbookScrapbooks are a great way to hold memories that you can revisit later. Your grandchildren can remember things you have done together by opening the book when they are older.

    To start your scrapbook project, talk about five places you would like to visit or five things you would like to do together. Then, fill up your scrapbook with details of what you have accomplished. For example, if you go to the museum, post your ticket stubs and some photos you took, and each of you can write a small paragraph about your time there. Add stickers, stencils, stamps, and decorative papers to enhance your scrapbooking project.

  6. Play Board Games

    board games monopolyGames today are mostly electronic. Teach your grandchildren to play board games. Games provide many brain-boosting benefits! You may already have some that you've kept on hand. Get them out and let them see what it's like to play games the old-fashioned way. This gives them a sense of what fun games were like in the past.

    There are modern games that are board games, so it's not just old-fashioned board games anymore. You can see what's available in the gaming section of your local superstore. So set up a board game and laugh together all afternoon!

  7. Decorate for the Holidays

    Happy kids decorating a Christmas tree with ballsIt's so much fun when you can decorate your home together for the holidays. You can use decorations you have already, shop for new decorations, or you can make your own decorations with a few art supplies and creativity. Make clay handprints or paper angels to hang on the tree. Your possibilities are endless when you put your mind to it. Play holiday music, sing songs, dance around the living room, and start a tradition that will continue when they become adults.

  8. Bake Holiday Treats and Give Them to Neighbors

    baking with child decoratingWith a simple sugar cookie recipe, you can create angels, Christmas trees, ornament balls, and more. Decorate with simple icing that you can either make or purchase at your local food store. Wrap up a few cookies in crafting paper or boxes and have the grandkids walk them over to the neighbors to share the joy of the holiday season.

  9. Share Your Hobbies

    Your grandkids could learn a lot from you. For example, if you play an instrument, teach them how to play. If you can knit, teach them how to knit. Some of these hobbies may not ever be introduced to your grandchildren if you don't. You never know where your hobbies may take them and which doors might open for you to continue spending time together in the future.

  10. Build a Snowman

    Making a snowman togetherIf you have snow on the ground, it's time to build a snowman together. Building a snowman is so much fun because you can decorate them any way you want to. As long as it's cold outside, the snowman will be there to look at for days or even months. Before you go out, choose a hat and a scarf. You can also take out a carrot and find some nice rocks or walnut shells for the eyes. Make one big snowman together, or make cute little ones for each of you.

    If you don't have snow outside, you can make "snow" to play with indoors! Here's a good recipe for snow:

    • 2 pounds of baking soda
    • 1 can of shaving cream
    • 1 container to mix ingredients. You will need something that will hold two pounds of baking soda and the shaving cream mixed. The container will also need a lid.

    What to do:
    1. Pour all the baking soda into the container
    2. Add shaving cream and knead the two together
    3. Continue to add more shaving cream until the mixture looks just like snow
    4. Enjoy playing with your new "snow"!

Doing things together with your grandchildren is not about spending money or how much you can cram into one day. It's about spending time together and making memories together. Enjoy this winter season and make the most of the quality time with your grandchildren doing these activities!

Let us know in the comments below - What is your favorite winter activity with grandchilden? 

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