10 Must-Do Autumn Activities with Your Grandchildren

As fall arrives and students return to school, it might seem difficult to spend as much time with grandchildren. However, fall presents many fantastic opportunities to try new activities and make the most of your quality time together. Many of which can easily be done at home and safely socially distanced. If you could use some ideas, we've got you covered in this article. We will show you our top 10 best autumn activities to do with your grandchildren:

Try These Great Grandchild-Friendly Activities This Fall!

  1. Apple Picking

    Going for apple picking with your grandchildren is a great way to get some exercise, fresh air, and delicious fruit. Look for the best apples in the orchard and bring them home to make a pie or other tasty treats. An apple orchard also makes a fantastic setting for some family photos that will be cherished for years to come.

  2. Pumpkin Decorating

    painted Halloween pumpkinsPumpkin decorating is another highly engaging and memorable activity to do in the fall. Older kids will enjoy carving designs into the jack-o'lanterns, while younger children will enjoy safer, no-carve activities. This could include painting, gluing straw hair, or any other form of creatively making the pumpkin their own! Daring them in scooping out the slimy insides for a fun activity will make them burst into laughter.

    Check out this list of 50+ of the Best Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for inspiration!

  3. Enjoying the Leaves

    There's nothing like the changing leaf colors in the fall. There are numerous ways to enjoy this part of the season with the grandkids. Take a walk with them in areas that have great multi-colored trees. You can also decide to stay at home and rake up the leaf pile to jump in.

    While out, do not forget a camera so you can take photos of nature's beauty and even make a photo collage together. You can pick your favorite leaves for the scrapbooks or art projects. It is even better if you can make it an annual tradition for years to come. Your grandchildren will be looking at their favorite leaves each year and bring fun memories with them.

  4. Navigating a Corn Maze

    young child walking through corn mazeYou can form a team with your grandchildren to solve corn maze puzzles and find a way back out. Visit a nearby farm and enjoy the type of activity that you can only do this time of year. If you have older grandchildren, you might even be able to find a corn maze with a few frights in the attractions. A haunted maze or hayride can make for a delightful memory of going through the ghosts and zombies together.

  5. Attending Festivals

    Attending events with your grandkids is one of the best ways of spending precious time with them. Ensure the events are kid-friendly and include plenty of different activities such as carnival rides, face painting, delicious food, and excellent music from the area vendors.

    Wander around with mugs of warm apple cider or hot chocolate to make the most of the day.

  6. Teaching a Family Recipe

    Teaching your grandchildren to cook can be a fun fall activity. You will also create a memorable experience with the grandkids that will last forever. Find a recipe that features classical fall produce such as apples, pumpkin, squash, or other in-season fruits and veggies.

    Ensure that it is sweet and savory for the grandchildren to enjoy. Alternatively, you can spend a day designing three-course meals featuring the best family dishes. It is very easy to make soups, pies, and new memories cooking with the grandchildren.

  7. pexels-thirdman-5415256Making Autumn Crafts

    Another fun activity that you will engage with your grandkids is making them create autumn crafts. Let them select the craft idea they need to try and go to a local craft store for supplies. You can make Halloween decorations like paper pumpkins or hand turkeys for Thanksgiving. Be creative when customizing each craft.

    Check out this list of crafts from Good Housekeeping for inspiration!

  8. Get Baking

    Baking is also a great way of ensuring the pumpkins or the apples you gathered are of use and do not go to waste. Grab the extras and make some pumpkin bread or even a pie that is very sweet. Baking is always an incredible autumn activity for both older adults and grandchildren.

    Everyone likes taking home some treats. If you enjoy baking, ensure you pass the same knowledge to your grandchildren.

  9. Building a Bonfire

    Lighting up bonfires with the grandchildren as you create stories is one of the best autumn activities you can engage with grandkids. Making them narrate stories or their encounters will make the session even greater. Nothing says fall like warming up next to a fire you and your grandchildren built together. So cook a s'more and start telling stories or singing songs around the fire!

  10. Bird Watching

    Taking your grandchildren out bird watching is another wonderful way to spend time with them. Watching birds has numerous benefits that include:

    • Beauty and diversity of the birds
    • Songs the birds sing
    • The intelligence of the birds
    • The support birds offer each other
    • Preservation and conservation of birds and their environment

Your grandkids do not need to spend most of their time glued on the television but outside every day. Plus, many birds are easier to find in the fall, as there are fewer leaves on the trees to obstruct the view!

Create great new memories this fall with this list of ideas. Tell us below, what else is on your list for this fall with your grandchildren?

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