Top 10 Popular Posts of 2021: Wellness, Lifestyle, and Aging

As we look forward to the coming of the new year, we are excited to share with you a recap of your favorite content from 2021. The following are the web's favorite blog posts published by Cantissimo Senior Living this year. In case you missed any, now is a good time to check them out! This is part one of two of the 2021 recap series and features the most popular posts from the year. Enjoy!
  1. 6 Reasons Older Adults Are Loving Amazon's Alexa

    6 Reasons Older Adults Are Loving Amazons AlexaExcerpt: "Smart speakers like Amazon's Alexa have become incredibly popular with older adults. For people living alone, it's a companion. For people struggling with physical limitations, it's a great helper. Alexa can even be used to improve safety for seniors. Thousands of skills on the Alexa App are targeted specifically for older adults. And plenty of general use skills can make life easier and more entertaining for seniors. Check out a few of these ideas for using Alexa to make your day a little easier."

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  2. Why Nose Breathing Is Crucial

    Why Nose Breathing Is CrucialExcerpt: "When we are in a state of balance and good health, the dominant nostril that we breathe through changes every 90-120 minutes. This is known as our
    nasal cycle. This cycle is under the control of our Autonomic Nervous system. It regulates the balancing of the PNS and SNS in the body. When we are out of balance, this nasal rhythm becomes out of balance, which has adverse effects on our mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being."

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  3. 10 Reasons To Create a Retirement Bucket List

    10 Reasons To Create a Retirement Bucket ListExcerpt: "Planning for the future is something we all do. When you are approaching the end of your career, one thing that should be on your mind is how you will spend your retirement days. It can be challenging, especially after a career that has spanned multiple decades. Finally unlacing the boots and hanging that jacket for the last time is going to make you emotional. Still, it will also compel you to ask yourself, "How am I going to spend my time now?"

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  4. 10 Healthy Habits to Overcome Digital Fatigue

    10 Healthy Habits To Overcome Digital FatigueExcerpt: "Digital fatigue is a state of mental exhaustion that is a side effect of our modern, ever-connected life. We are rarely more than a few inches from our mobile devices. We use them for every conceivable purpose. We are always "on" and constantly connected through social media, email, text messages, calls, and more. For many people, work or other forms of digital entertainment follow them on digital devices all hours of the day. This constant deluge of information leads to a feeling of being overwhelmed and burnt out."

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  5. The Big Move: A Checklist for Moving Into Assisted Living

    The Big Move A Checklist for Moving Into Assisted LivingExcerpt: "Moving out of a family home after many decades seems akin to moving a mountain. If the move is to Assisted Living, the mountain can feel even bigger.

    To smooth out the process, one can use a task checklist. A checklist turns a dauntingly complex problem into a logical set of steps. Using a checklist ensures essential steps are not missed. Its power is acknowledged even by experts like pilots who routinely follow pre-flight checklists despite having logged thousands of hours in the air. For those taking on a once-in-a-lifetime process like moving to Assisted Living, a checklist is imperative."

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    The Essential Assisted Living Checklist - Click here to read the checklist
  6. The Best Senior-Friendly Technology for Your Family

    The Best Senior-Friendly Technology for Your FamilyExcerpt: "It may seem that the words "senior" and "technology" don't go together very well, but that's not the case anymore. More companies are making an effort to ensure there are products available for both the technologically savvy and the novices among us. Here are some tech options worth checking out."

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  7. Top 10 Budgeting and Finance Apps for Seniors

    Top 10 Budgeting and Finance Apps for SeniorsExcerpt: "As seniors enter retirement or financial situations change, there are resources available to help manage budgets, track spending, and plan for expenses. According to the Survey of Consumer Finances, 60% of people aged 65 or older have some debt, including medical, credit card, and housing debt. With senior debt rising and technology growing, it is advantageous to use online budgeting tools and apps to save more, spend less, avoid financial despair, and enjoy retirement."

  8. Not Your Typical Pre-Retirement Checklist [Video]

    Excerpt: "Retirement checklists abound across the internet. Most provide wisdom on planning for a secure financial future. Saving enough, choosing appropriate investments, and eliminating debt are common recommendations. However, there is more to retirement than pure pocketbook considerations. Listed below are some retirement planning ideas that most checklists don't mention."

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  9. 10 MORE Ideas for Your Retirement Bucket List: Part 2

    10 MORE Ideas for your Retirement Bucket List Part 2Excerpt: "Finally! It is time to put some thought into retirement. Not only saving up for it but how we intend to manage time and make the most of it. For many, retirement is the perfect time to explore what you love most. In previous blogs, we've discussed in greater depth why it is important to create your personalized retirement bucket list, as well as ten ideas you could include. In this post, we'll detail ten more ideas to help get your own retirement bucket list started!"

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  10. Why Do I Feel Stiff When I Wake Up? 7 Tips for Relief

    Why Do I Feel Stiff When I Wake up_ 7 Tips for ReliefExcerpt: "Do you often wake up feeling stiff or aching? Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning because of your sore and stiff muscles? This is very common and often referred to as morning stiffness. Even though it is common, many people don't understand the causes of morning stiffness or how to avoid it. Many people think it solely has to do with getting older and the aging of the body. While this can certainly be a reason and a normal occurrence, aging is, more often than not, unlikely to be the reason for morning stiffness."

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