2021's Top 10 Blog Posts You Might Have Missed

As the year comes to a close, we are happy to have the chance to reflect on the past year's learnings and experiences. Yesterday, we published a collection of our most popular blog posts of the past year. This post will focus on ten of the posts from 2021 that flew under the radar and you are most likely to have missed. If you didn't see these posts throughout the year, you can still visit the links below and check them out now! To avoid missing future posts, please consider subscribing to our blog!

  1. 7 Ideas to Keep Your Marriage Fresh for Years to Come

    7 Ideas to Keep Your Marriage Fresh for Years to Come-1Excerpt: "In every relationship, there is a cooling period. For many, it happens once you've gotten married, moved in together, or had children. But, problems with the house, the dog, the kids help to keep relationships interesting. When all the distractions are gone, it's just you and your partner you've been with for 30, maybe even 40+ years, and all the kids have moved on, how do you keep the love alive? The following list will attempt to provide inspiration to make your time together more enjoyable, more meaningful, and keep the spark alive." Click here to read the list of relationship tips! 
  2. 5 MORE Ways to Make Money from Home in Retirement

    5 MORE Ways to Make Money from Home in RetirementExcerpt: "Being retired is one of the great joys of life. You no longer have to put in hard hours, and you get to spend more time doing what you love. But this does not mean you cannot make more money. If you wish, you could leverage your lifetime of work experience into something you can do at your own pace. And this does not have to be getting another job. There are many ways retirees can stay at home and make some money. In this article, we will discuss five ways to make money from home in retirement. This is Part 2 - if you have not already, click here to read Part 1!"
  3. Communicating with a Loved One with Dementia: 10 Tips

    Communicating with a Loved One with Dementia 10 TipsExcerpt: "Dementia affects a person's ability to communicate. Those affected might struggle with their vocabulary, finding it hard to describe things or repeatedly relying on the same set of words. Instead of using the proper name, they might describe something. For example, a person with dementia might call a coffee maker "the thing that makes that stuff, the good smelling brown one." They may also become withdrawn as the frustration of being unable to communicate well sets in. These problems may worsen as the disease progresses." Click here to read more about communicating with those with dementia. 
  4. The Pros and Cons of Working in Retirement

    The Pros and Cons of Working in RetirementExcerpt: "Finally, you've reached retirement. It's time to enjoy your savings and live comfortably somewhere for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, for many, the dream isn't quite as they may have imagined it. Perhaps your social circle is shrinking, you find yourself bored during the week, or your bank account appears to be shrinking faster than expected. At this point, you are left with a puzzle. Is going back to work in retirement right for you? To help you out with this, we've compiled several pros and cons of going back to work in retirement for you to consider."
  5. 10 Tips to Maintain Healthy Age-Proof Hair

    10 Tips to Maintain Healthy Age-Proof HairExcerpt: "As we age, the reproduction and repair of cells slow. As a result, we often experience slower growth of both hair and nails. To maintain healthy hair, there are a few things to do that will encourage the repair of the cells and develop new and healthy cells to replace the damaged ones. Follow these suggestions to maintain healthy hair at any age!"
  6. Boost Your Immune System with These 13 Foods!

    Boost Your Immune System with These 13 Foods!Excerpt: "Our immune system is our defense against diseases and illnesses. Therefore, it is crucial to continuously strengthen it. What we eat and drink directly affects our immune system. If you are looking to make your immune system stronger, you are in the right place. Try these foods to boost your immunity!" 
  7. 10 Ways to Improve Your Blood Circulation

    10 Ways to Improve Your Blood CirculationExcerpt: "It is common to feel tired and stiff as you age, and that's likely nothing to worry about. However, with age, it is also common to see worsening blood circulation. This can lead to a number of symptoms including numbness, fatigue, swelling, weakened immunity, digestive issues, and much more. We see, however, that by following some simple steps, you will be able to manage these symptoms and feel healthier with time. Consider the following recommendations to improve your circulation!"
  8. What Are the Stages of Dementia?

    What Are the Stages of Dementia?Excerpt: "Dementia is a progressive disease, so there are many stages and symptoms as the disease progresses. Fortunately, the early signs of dementia can be diagnosed if you pay attention. At an early stage, this disease doesn't greatly affect your daily routine and overall life quality. Click here to learn more about the stages of dementia."
  9. 7 Ways to Make Exercising More Fun!

    7 Ways to Make Exercising More Fun!Excerpt: "Exercise is too commonly seen as a tedious thing. It has a perception of being a painful chore to get done and a burden to your day. However, it doesn't have to be! Exercising is essential, and finding ways to make it more fun can be the solution to improving your health and wellbeing! Here are some ways to make exercising more enjoyable!"
  10. How to Help a Loved One Adapt to New Tech

    How to Help a Loved One Adapt to New TechExcerpt: "As we age, it becomes harder and harder to keep up with the changes that are occurring in technology. As society continues to move toward more digital storage and access, it is even more challenging to keep pace. Helping your loved ones adapt to the new digital landscape will take patience, attention, and different types of resources." Click here to learn more about helping others learn new technologies! 

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