The Best Senior-Friendly Technology for Your Family

It may seem that the words "senior" and "technology" don't go together very well, but that's not the case anymore. More companies are making an effort to ensure there are products available for both the technologically savvy and the novices among us. Here are some tech options worth checking out.

Best Phones for Seniors

older man using mobile cell phoneWhile you might not be as attached to your phone as your grandchildren, it's still a valued piece of technology. It's what you use to communicate with your loved ones, and some phones have great features that many seniors have grown to love. When it comes to finding the right phone, you'll want to look for one that is easy to use but still has the basic functionality you need. Some of the phones that have been found to meet these criteria are the LG Exalt LTE (which is a relatively basic flip phone), DuraVX LTE, and the Samsung Galaxy J3 V 3rd Gen. Some of these phones are ideal for seniors who aren't that comfortable with technology, while others will be more suited for those who have a bit more experience.

Health Monitoring Technology

fitbit fitness and wellness tracker

Generally, seniors need to monitor their vital statistics, such as their heart rate, a bit more strictly than others. Instead of having someone take these for you or trying to do it yourself, look into some of the devices you can wear that will do it for you. According to Techwalla, you can try out the Fitbit Charge 2, which tracks your heart rate during activity and resting. It can even suggest breathing exercises to help keep your heart rate in check.

GreatCall's activity tracker offers all the features of a health and fitness band, and it provides fall detection and a call button for non-emergency situations where you can contact a loved one. 

Other wearable technology devices that are great for older adults include the Apple Watch, with a fall detection function that will notify emergency contacts if you remain immobile.

Safety and Wellness Technology

If you're an older adult who values independence and has opted to age in place, there are some amazing devices that can help you with your daily tasks and keep you safe. This list of devices from AARP can help you monitor your medications, give more detailed checks on your vitals and contact emergency services. Devices like Medminder allow you or your caregiver to store medication, which the device then reminds you to take at scheduled intervals. Each pill compartment remains locked until it's time to be used, and a beep sounds if a pill has not been taken.

The GrandCare systems device, on the other hand, is more multipurpose and checks oxygen, glucose, and blood pressure while allowing you to talk to loved ones on its easy-to-use interactive screen.

When it comes to safety devices, your options include GPS trackers and personal alarm systems that you can use to notify a company or loved ones.

Fun and Games Technology

Happy multi-generation family using digital tablet in living room at homeJust because you're an older adult doesn't mean your only use for technology is in the medical areas of your life. Assisted Living Today provides a list of tablets that you should find easy to use. The screens are large, and they often come with accessories that will enhance your experience. Tablets are portable, and you can use the settings to adjust things like the font, so the words will always be easy for you to see. Some of the options include the Asus VivoTab, Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, and Lenovo Tab. You can download game apps to your tablet or play online games like Sudoku, word games, card games, crossword puzzles, and more.

Keep in mind that while going online can provide seniors with lots of fun, it can be not-so-fun if your internet connection isn't fast enough to keep up with your apps and online games. Playing games can go much more smoothly when your home is equipped with super-speedy internet like 5G.

The days when technology was meant for only a particular group of people are coming to an end. You have several devices and online services to choose from that are built just for you.

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