The Magic of Houseplants: 7 Reasons To Keep Them in Your Home

Houseplants have become an increasingly popular addition to any home, and for good reason. Not only do they bring vibrancy and life to any space, but they can also offer numerous benefits. Research has shown that houseplants can improve air quality, reduce stress, and lift our moods. In addition, they can serve as a natural sound absorber and provide a sense of calm. With so many benefits, it's no wonder why houseplants are becoming more and more popular. In this blog post, we will explore the many advantages of houseplants and how they can help improve your home.

Here are all the advantages you will reap by keeping plants in your home.

Benefits of Keeping Houseplants

1. They Look Great 

Of course, the first benefit that plants provide is that they can light up any space with a pop of color. Many people keep these plants for aesthetic reasons, as they are beautiful to look at. If you think your home is dull or lacking color, you can always add some plants to ensure some color in your home. 

Plants are also an affordable way to improve the overall appearance of your home in no time. So, if you want to boost your home's aesthetics with natural materials, add some plants. 

2. Reduces Stress

Plants have a soothing and comfortable effect on people, which is why they can reduce stress levels in individuals. In the long run, plants can reduce psychological and physiological stress. Anyone looking to make their house more soothing and relaxing can add plants. So, add some plants to your home to make it more comfortable and stress-free. 

3. Clean Air

According to a study conducted by NASA, plants in the home are known to reduce VOCs. In the long run, this can improve the indoor air quality of your home and guarantee that you are breathing in clean air. Plants are known to improve air quality in the best way possible.

These include ficus, spider plants, bamboo palms, areca, rubber tree, Boston fern, and many others. Be sure to purchase one of these plants if you want to improve the indoor air quality of your home. 

4. Improves Mood

Studies have been done to determine if plants can improve mood. These studies show that people feel at peace in a room with plants in less than twenty minutes. Even people that spent between five and ten minutes with plants in the home saw an increase in mood and satisfaction. 

If you want to work on your mood and improve it with time, you can begin by adding plants to your home. You will feel happier and more comfortable in your home when you have such greenery all around you. You can even add them to your workspace to make your mood better. 

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5. Acts as a Humidifier

Yes, you can add more humidity to your home through the right plants. That is because plants add humidity to the air through transpiration. The water from the soil makes its way up from the roots of the plant. Then, the water goes through the stems and towards the leaves. When it reaches the leaves, the water is evaporated in the air through the stomata. 

So, if you want a natural humidifier, you can add plants to your home. The Areca palm is one of the best plants that acts as an excellent humidifier. 

6. Provides a Sense of Responsibility

With time, many of us can feel like we have no responsibilities and that others don't need us. It can be challenging to deal with these feelings, which is one reason to add plants to your home. In addition, it will give you something to care for as you have to ensure you keep the plants alive. 

It will also give you a sense of responsibility and add more meaning to your day. So, if you feel you are lacking direction or responsibilities, you can keep some plants in your home. These plants will make your home beautiful in no time while providing you with a sense of responsibility.  

7. Faster Recovery From Illness

This is one benefit of having plants in the home that many people don't know about. Looking at plants when you are ill can help you recover faster from your illness. Research done in 2002 revealed that people recovering from various illnesses required less pain medication and had a shorter stay in the hospital than the people who did not look at plants during the recovery period. 

We have many aches, pains, and illnesses in the body as we get older because it is an inevitable part of life. However, if you want a better and faster recovery, you can start by keeping plants in the home. It will provide you with all of these benefits while increasing the speed of your recovery.

Plants are some of the best natural objects that can boost our mood, mental health, and overall being in no time. It will also add a pop of color to your home so that you can stay alert, productive, and creative. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go plant shopping and add some of the best plants to your home. Once you do, you will reap all these benefits for a long time to come and improve your quality of life. 

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