The Language You Use in Relation to Your Body Matters

How well do you listen to your body? And how do you talk to your body? Did you know that the language you use and how you relate to your body really matters?

Dr. Joe Dispenza describes thoughts as electric. Your thoughts create feelings that affect the electromagnetic field around you. 

So what do your thoughts have to do with pain?

Persistent pain is a maladaptive response that occurs long after damaged tissues have repaired. This maladaptive response is negatively reinforced by negative thoughts and emotions. In fact, the use of negative language reinforces pain neurosignatures in the brain, and according to Dr. Joe Dispenza also creates a negatively charged or weak electromagnetic field.

When talking about or referring to your body, do you use language like: “My stupid right leg”, “My bad back”, “My back’s gone out”, or “My head is in a vice”?

From a biopsychosocial perspective on pain, these types of metaphors create a negative environment that reinforces the maladaptive response of persistent pain.

Using this language perpetuates your body’s stress response and releases a whole suite of stress hormones such as cortisol into the body. The result is an emotional response that can lower your mood, leaving you feeling disempowered, sad, frustrated, and fearful. This, in turn, will affect your ability to take action and perform the activities that are needed for self-care.

As Dr. Joe Dispenza explains in his book Becoming Supernatural, we have to raise our vibration from this old pattern and cycle to higher vibrations of vitality, balanced health, love, and gratitude in order to shift the pain responses in our bodies and for the genes that restore health to take charge.

Try shifting your language and relationship you have with your body. 

Talk nicely to your body and send it loving energy. Try using language that supports a return to wellness. Some phrases that we recommend are: “Movement is medicine”, “Motion is lotion for my joints”, “It is safe to move”, “I have the power to help my body heal”, and “I love myself and I am getting stronger and healthier every day”.

If the language you use in relation to your body matters, then practice being kinder and speaking nicely, as you would to a good friend. When you notice habituated and unsupportive thoughts, replace them with one of the phrases above, or create one that works for you.

When you practice shifting your thoughts and words, you will feel how it shifts your energy.

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Resolve Pain Guru

About the Author: Carrie and Nicole are certified IAYT SomaYoga Therapists and Somatics Educators who have specialized in working with clients in pain for well over 10 years. Their mission is to teach you revolutionary techniques to tap into your body’s innate intelligence and its ability to heal.

You could also call them “pain geeks” because they are extremely passionate and inquisitive about all things related to what causes people pain. To understand the true mind-body connection and to reset the nervous system in powerful and simple ways.

They specialize in skillfully combining the tools of Somatics, SomaYoga, Anatomy, Functional Movement Training, Mind Study and Yogic Philosophy to bring about more joy and freedom in the lives of those they work with. They teach to professionals and individuals sharing their Method.

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