The Most Read Posts of 2022: What Our Readers Loved

Welcome to our annual round-up of the most popular blog posts of the year! We're excited to share with you the top 10 posts that garnered the most attention and engagement from our readers in 2022. These posts cover a variety of lifestyle and wellness tips specifically geared toward people over 55.

From helpful tips and resources to engaging personal stories and industry insights, these posts offer valuable information and support for those looking to maintain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle as they age. We hope you find something here that piques your interest and helps you on your journey. So, let's dive into our top 10 most popular blog posts of 2022!

10 of Our Most Popular Posts From 2022!

1. 11 Benefits of Pen Pals for Older Adultѕ

11 Benefits of Pen Pals for Older Adultѕ

Excerpt: "New technologies such as social media help seniors keep in touch with their loved ones and friends. However, pen pals can provide different benefits than family and old friends. Instead of reminiscing on shared memories, one can start new dialogues and exchange ideas, cultures, and experiences with pen pals living across the planet. By writing to pen pals, seniors can broaden their horizons and make new friends."

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2. The Best Senior Influencers to Follow on Social Media

The Best Senior Influencers to Follow on Social MediaExcerpt: "As social media continues to grow, influencer culture is growing too. An influencer obtains a large following on their social media channels and frequently use their following to promote themselves or sponsor brands. Although most influencers are young, older social media stars are rising. Unlike many of their generation, senior influencers "get" social media and use it successfully to promote their personal brands."

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3. How To Prevent and Treat Easy Bruising in Older Adults

How To Prevent and Treat Easy Bruising in Older AdultsExcerpt: "As people age, it is common for their skin to become more prone to bruising. While bruising is generally not a serious concern, it is important to take steps to prevent it and, if necessary, treat it."

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4. Why You Always Feel Cold (And What to Do about It)

Why You Always Feel Cold (And What to Do about It) (1)Excerpt: "As you get older, it is common to become more sensitive to temperature changes. This is just a part of the natural aging process, as your body has gone through the wear and tear of a full and active life. You may notice that you are more susceptible to feeling cold as you age. However, if you experience a sudden change in your body's temperature or have other concerning symptoms, it is important to speak with a doctor."

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5. Continuing Education Opportunities for Seniors in Each State

Continuing Education Opportunities for Seniors in Each StateExcerpt: "Older adults often face boredom with the extra time on their hands after retirement. Continuing education is a great way to fill time, activate the brain, and develop new interests or hobbies. Some websites provide online courses to seniors, and many colleges throughout the United States offer affordable or even free classes."

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6. 7 Reasons to Get Into Photography in Retirement

7 Reasons to Get Into Photography in RetirementExcerpt: "After retiring, photography helps you capture fantastic memories by creating photos of people and places. It allows you to document an event's details and share that information with friends and family long after the event has passed. Plus, those recollections will become part of your history and even family lore over time. They won't just be passed down via stories; they'll also be transmitted through photos."

Learn why you should do more photography as a hobby

7. Preventing Falls: Your Mindset Matters

Preventing Falls Your Mindset Matters (1)Excerpt: "On the positive side, however, those 65 and older can take steps to reduce the risk of falls. Most advice about preventing falls focuses on environmental changes. That's the "outer game." For example, making changes to one's home. The "inner game" of fall prevention is just as important, however."

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8. Using a Health Savings Account to Pay for Long-Term Care

Excerpt: "Most of us have heard of a Health Savings Account (HSA). Still, many need help understanding the necessary details about these accounts.

HSAs were intended to provide a way for Americans to save money for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses before meeting the deductible of a high-deductible health plan (HDHP). In fact, an individual or family must have an HDHP to open an HSA.

HSAs were primarily intended to soften the financial burden of healthcare expenses for HDHP account holders of all age groups. However, an HSA can be particularly advantageous in paying long-term care expenses at age 65 or over."

Discover whether an HSA is right for you to afford long-term care!

9. 100+ Ways To Keep Busy and Fight Boredom in Retirement

100+ Ways To Keep Busy and Fight Boredom in RetirementExcerpt: "As we age, one of the benefits is having more leisure time. This extra time can be a great chance to spend quality time with loved ones and engage in favorite or new hobbies. However, it can be difficult to decide how to utilize this extra time, and it may be challenging for those who lack the creativity to find ways to occupy themselves. Without ideas, it can be easy to feel bored and unsure how to fill the hours."

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10. 9 Great Activities for Older Adults with Hearing Loss

9 Great Activities for Older Adults with Hearing LossExcerpt: "You are blessed with several senses that make your life easier and more meaningful. You likely don't realize the value of your senses when they are functioning correctly. However, you'll quickly recognize the importance as soon as any sense starts to weaken. Hearing loss can have a significant effect on your life. Fortunately, choosing activities suitable for people with hearing loss can help you enjoy your life to the maximum without worrying about your disability."

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