Even More New Skills You Can Learn From Home in Retirement: Part 3

Retiring can be a time of change. It can also be a time to take advantage of your skills and try new things. Retirement is a great time to learn new skills, and there are plenty of them out there that can help you stay busy in retirement. As the world keeps changing and technology advances, it is easier than ever to teach yourself new things, right from the comfort of your living room or kitchen. Retirees can take advantage of their time and find a new encore career path or a new hobby to pass the time. Let's take a look at some new skills you can learn from home while in retirement.

5 More Skills to Learn From Home!

  1. Writing

    older woman writing in notebook at kitchen tableAs a senior citizen, you may have retired from your job, but that doesn't mean that you should stop learning. On the contrary, learning new skills such as writing can help keep the mind sharp for years to come, among other benefits!

    As people grow older, they often find themselves in a position where they need to develop new skills in order to keep up with the changing world. One of these skills sometimes required is writing. In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of retirees who are seeking new careers after retiring. As writing is such a broad skill, it is perfect for retirees to focus on any aspect of writing.

    Or, write for fun! You can write novels, books, articles, newsletters, memoirs, and or anything else that interests you! Writing can be incredibly entertaining, stress-relieving, fulfilling, and it even can be something to pass down to younger generations! 

    Not sure where to get started? Check out our blog post about overcoming writer's block!

  2. Photography

    older woman taking picture with a cameraMany people who want to learn photography after retiring might give up before they get started. This is because they have no idea where to start, how much it will cost, or the benefits of taking up photography.

    Retiring doesn't mean that you can't continue learning. In retirement, some people who have a passion for photography may want to learn the skill and keep up with technology. There are many ways to learn photography, including online courses and self-taught lessons. 

    Photography is an interesting hobby that many retirees enjoy. It's not uncommon for someone who has retired to decide to get into photography and start capturing new memories and experiences. If photography has always been your passion and you couldn't pursue it during your career due to job responsibilities, then in retirement, you should enjoy this opportunity to learn more about snapping amazing photos. You'll be rewarded with valuable records of great memories and files or prints to pass down to children and grandchildren! 

  3. Video Editing

    pexels-orlando-allo-8770520For many people, retirement is the time to trade in their careers for hobbies. But what if you could take up a new hobby and still have a career? That's what a growing number of retirees are doing by improving their video editing skills. Many retirees find video editing enjoyable because they can create entertaining content even perhaps even get paid while taking up this new hobby. With a massive amount of content to watch, many artists and creative people are turning to video editing as a way to keep their skills sharp while still providing for themselves. It is also a form of entertainment for many retirees.

    Consider starting your own TikTok or Youtube channel and sharing your own videos. Share things that interest you, grow a following, and see where it takes you!

  4. Baking

    grandmother and daughter baking cookies together in kitchenAfter retiring, it is important to continue with a hobby that you enjoy. For some retirees, baking is their new hobby. Baking in retirement not only provides a sense of purpose but also helps make new friends. You can even use baking to start a business.

    Baking is an art, and it requires a lot of patience, skill, and creativity. However, with modern technology, online instruction/videos, and apps that help people in their baking journey, you can now easily learn to bake in retirement on your own time. You just have to put in some time and effort, and you'll have plenty of new skills under your belt!

    It is also important to keep in mind that baking can be a rewarding hobby in itself. It can provide you with a chance for creative expression or just a great way to relax and enjoy the process. Some retirees who take up baking as a hobby start by trying out different recipes from the internet or cookbooks before working on their own unique recipes.

  5. Pottery Master

    senior man practicing potteryPottery is an art form that is popular among seniors. It can provide a creative outlet during retirement years and help develop new skills. Pottery is not just about creating new pieces or selling the ones you make. It's also about learning something new and sharing that knowledge with people who are looking for a bit of guidance.

    It is very easy to get too comfortable in retirement. You may find yourself not doing the activities you enjoy and not challenging yourself. Pottery, though a craft that many people do not start with until they retire, can be a great way to stay active after you stop working.

    You might be surprised - It's easy to get started! Consider taking a class to learn the basics, or check out this post to learn more about how to start.

This is Part 3 of the New Skills You Can Learn from Home blog series. Click to read Part 1 and Part 2.

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