4 Great Advantages of Single Level Living

One-story homes are a special kind of home with many benefits. As we get older, it can be hard to think about and do things like climb stairs. It becomes increasingly important for our homes to be affordable and easy to navigate, maintain, and enjoy our time in. Below, we've outlined several reasons to consider living in a one-level home!

Benefits Of Living In A Home With One Level

Less Property Maintenance

The outside of a one-story home is much easier to take care of. Tall walls in multi-level homes can make it hard for a DIY homeowner to reach all parts of the house to do simple maintenance and repairs. On the other hand, if you live in a one-level home, it will be much easier to reach all parts of your house to do tasks such as cleaning the gutters, painting, or decorating for the holidays.

Inside, vacuums are heavy and feel even heavier when carrying them up the stairs. And nobody wants to pay for two vacuum cleaners. On the other hand, if you only have one floor, moving a vacuum, dust mop, or any other cleaning tool from one end of the house to the other is much easier.

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Lower Overall Cost of Living

A one-story house plan is often cheaper to build and easier to heat and cool than a two-story plan. This is mainly because the floor plan is open. Open-plan living is easy in one-story homes because there aren't as many walls between rooms. This lets air flow naturally through the design. This means your bills stay low, and you can put your money into important things.

Plans for homes with only one floor may use less energy to heat and cool. People think that homes with more than one level lose less heat because they have less surface area on the outside. However, one-level homes can often be smaller and have more efficient plumbing runs and heating systems. If all of your living space is on one level, the temperature in each room will be more even because the heat won't rise to the second floor.

It also means that when things go wrong, like leaking roofs or rusting tiling, they are much cheaper to fix than in a two-story home. This is because you don't have to worry about the different structures that hold a two-story home together.

Built to Feel Spacious

A big part of the appeal is the open floor plans and different ways to design them. Most one-story house plans have open floor plans, meaning everything is built around the main living area.

This open-concept floor plan allows people to gather in the home, which is great for family time and parties. One-level house plans also give you more design options, like vaulted ceilings, dramatic floor-to-ceiling statement windows, and roof lights. Even though there is only one level, all these things make the home feel big. This is true whether you are having a party or making a meal for your family. With everything on one level, making an open floor plan is easy.


Retired or older homeowners often prefer a one-floor house plan because they don't have to deal with stairs as they age and face mobility concerns. Perhaps the best thing about one-story homes is that everything you need is on one floor, so you don't have to use stairs. This makes managing arthritis, aching joints, and midnight kitchen trips easier. No more worrying about leaving something in another room!

At any age, falling down the stairs or getting up is a big worry. When you live on one level, you don't have to worry as much about yourself, your grandchildren, or your pets falling stairs and getting hurt. And you don't have to carry laundry, suitcases, or other things up and down stairs.

Even today's younger homeowners see the benefits of a one-level design. One-level house plans can be made so people of all ages can live in them for many years without worry.

If you and anyone you live with are looking for a safe place to live, a one-story house is an excellent place to start. One-story homes are easier to keep clean and maintain inside and outside. A one-story home may never require a move or downsizing. Living on one level will work for you no matter where you are. It's a sustainable, efficient, and affordable way to live, so you won't have to worry as much about the future.

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