Say Goodbye to Snooze Buttons: 7 Tricks To Wake Up Easier

As we grow older, it can be challenging to get out of bed because we just want to sleep in and get these extra five minutes. However, getting out of bed and having an early morning can boost your mood, physical and mental health, and much more. That is why it is crucial to have different aids to help get yourself out of bed. 

So, if you are struggling to get yourself out of bed these days, you are in the right place. Here is a complete guide to help you get out of bed without any issues.

Ways To Get Out of Bed Easier

1. Stick To A Regular Schedule 

The first thing we recommend is that you should stick to a regular schedule. Humans are creatures of habit, so we need a regular schedule and routine to stay on track. It will give you a sense of grounding and stability in the morning that will affect your entire day.

Sticking to a regular schedule will also mean that your body will also know when it is time to get out of bed. That is why you must adhere to a consistent schedule, regardless of how difficult it is. It will take you a few days to get into this schedule, and then it will be easy.

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2. Use an Engaging Alarm Clock or Application 

Some alarm clocks can cause us to feel fear, and our heartbeat can go incredibly fast when we hear such tunes. This is not a great way to wake up, and it can demotivate you from getting out of bed. That is why we recommend using an engaging alarm clock or application.

For example, you can use your favorite song or motivational speech as your alarm clock. Some creative alarm clocks even vibrate your bed or run around the room, forcing you to get up to turn them off! 

3. Drink Water

Keep a glass of water next to your bed before you go to sleep so that you can drink water as soon as you wake up. The water will kickstart your metabolism and wake your body as soon as you get up. You can also add some lemon or honey to the water to have a morning detox drink readily available.

Drinking water will help you feel fresh and have the energy to get out of bed and get fresh. As we sleep, we can feel dehydrated, which is why many people also wake up with a dry throat. So, avoid this and drink water as soon as you wake up so that you can get out of bed and begin your day. 

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4. Go to Bed Earlier

Of course, if you want to get out of bed as soon as possible after waking up, you need to start going to bed earlier. You can go to bed by 10 pm every day to start your day early as the sun rises. It will also help you get high-quality sleep, which means you will not feel tired when you wake up. 

We need between seven to eight hours of sleep each night, so you need to make sure you are getting these hours in. The quality of sleep will impact your entire day and mood. So, start going to bed earlier and see how easy it becomes to get out of bed when you wake up. 

5. Let the Natural Light In 

Sunlight stops the production of melatonin, which is the sleep hormone. Because of this, you must open your curtains and let the natural light in when you wake up. You can also soak in the morning sunlight to wake your body and mind up. 

Natural light also sets the circadian rhythm that regulates our body and helps us to sleep and wake up on time. Be sure you get at least five to ten minutes of morning sunlight daily. You can also invest in motorized curtains to let the light in when you wake up without having to get up. 

6. Plan a Fun Morning Activity 

All of us need something to look forward to so that we can have the energy to wake up. As we grow older, life can seem meaningless or without purpose, which can make it difficult for us to get out of bed. That is why you can give yourself something to look forward to by planning a fun morning activity. 

These can include activities such as cycling, going for a walk, meeting your friends or family for breakfast, and much more. These activities will help you start your day on the right foot, and you will be more motivated to get out of bed when you wake up. You can plan different activities throughout the week to keep it interesting. 

7. Prepare a Morning Snack 

Finally, you can prepare yourself a morning snack to help you get out of bed. These include snacks such as yogurt, fruits, peanut butter cups, and much more. There are endless ways to get creative and make a morning snack for yourself. 

Doing this will give you another reason to get out of bed and make your day feel worthwhile. You can also make this snack at night and keep it next to you so that you can remain motivated to get out of bed and indulge in the snack. 

These are the seven tips you can follow to help get yourself out of bed when you wake up. It can be challenging to get out of bed. However, there are still a lot of things to look forward to that can make your day better in no time. 

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