How To Find More Time in Your Day

Are you stuck in that loop of "I don't have time to get stuff done"?

Here is a bitter reality check. That statement mentioned above is just an excuse.

You own each second of your time. It is the same for every single human being. So, don't let your brain fool you into thinking you lack time.

What you actually lack is a conscious to spend your time productively and a get-it-done attitude. You need to understand that at any given moment, you are doing what you want to be doing.

So it's not time that is keeping you back. It's you and only you. The good thing is that you are now investing your time into learning how to find more time in your day.

You have already stepped into the journey of time management by conquering the first and most important step, realization.

We'll guide you on how to increase the hours in your day. Follow our tips and see how a 24-hour day can end up feeling like a 28-hour day with tons of productivity, energy, relaxation, and a sense of achievement.

Make the Most of Your Time
Set Your Priorities

Here is the thing; if you don't have your day's priorities determined, you are prone to wasting time on useless or unimportant tasks.

To avoid that, you need to know your priorities for the day. We call them the highlights of the day. Things that, if missed, can vastly affect your health or your upcoming commitments should be your priorities. Be smart and get them out of your way on time before they pile up and block your way to successful time management.

Plan Each Day in Advance

This is a crucial step that cannot be emphasized enough. Every night, go to your bed with a clear mind, reflect on your day and rate it. Reflecting helps to know the loopholes you want to work on the next day.

This will allow you to enter the next day with new goals and a more positive and conscious approach toward your day. Rating your day will help you strive to improve each day.

It is yet another critical thing to list your tasks the night before. This keeps you mindful and more prepared for what is coming up.

This also helps avoid wasting the precious early minutes of your morning trying to figure out and remember your to-do list for the day. Instead, you can invest these precious moments sipping your coffee, watching the sunrise, and being grateful for a brand-new day.

What an Excellent Start to The Day!

Start Early

If you have set your highlights and to-do lists the night before but wake up at 11:00 in the morning, you have successfully managed to ruin your well-planned day.

Here is the golden tip for an excellent start to your day... start it early!

We are talking about how to have more time in a day, and the basic tip is to wake up before half the day has passed.

This will automatically increase your available hours throughout the day.

Now, if you are just starting your journey of time management, giving up the old toxic habit of waking up late can be tough, so you need to challenge yourself

Get Rid of the Interruptions

Think of your cell phone and that television screen as a magnet. No matter how focused you are during your day, these will impact your dedication and ability to focus on what needs to be done.

Luckily, getting them out of your way isn't that hard. Just click that red button on the remote that says "switch off," and boom, it's gone. In addition, there are many apps you can use on your cellphone to block notifications during the day.

You can also learn smart management of these interruptions.

For example, if you are very excited about watching a program, record it in advance and skip the ads.

If you like reading books, skip the detailed reading to absorb the knowledge in every line of the text and stick to skimming the important bits only.

Create a workout planner and plan all the workouts in advance. This will save you from wasting time on fitness websites and channels.

Stay out of unnecessary debates and non-productive gatherings.

Understand your time is precious, and you need to invest it wisely.

Learn the Art of Multitasking

Yes! You read that right. Multitasking is an art, and those who have mastered it can successfully add 2-3 or sometimes even 6-7 hours to their day. How exciting is that?

The best thing about this is that it's not very tough to master if you have proper schedules for everything. We'll explain it in detail with very relatable examples.

If you have to make a call requiring a long hold time, how about making that call while you organize your groceries or put back the clean dishes? Then, by the time you are through to the right person or department, your chore is done!

If you like to watch tv at a particular time, folding the laundry while watching the TV will save you plenty of time.

When waiting for an appointment at the doctor's office, grab your favorite book you planned to read during the day and invest that waiting time in reading.

If you are a parent or a grandparent looking after your kids, create little creative tasks and treats. For example, whoever best folds the laundry will get a candy, which will help you share one of your rather time taking tasks with your kids while keeping them busy.

Schedule Your Breaks and Enjoy Them

This is very important. The aim is to increase the hours in your day so you can stay productive and active without getting bored and tired.

This makes it important to have regular breaks where you can sit and relax. Plan your break times just like you plan your schedule. This is so you don't end up sitting in a slump and wasting your break time.

Have at least one long and two short breaks during the day and do something you really enjoy doing during this time.

Be Conscious of What Excites or What you Dread Doing

Divide your tasks into an "absolute yes!" and the other stuff you don't enjoy much.

Focus more on what you enjoy doing and try to block out all the stuff you dread doing. For example, if you have committed to a community group meeting that you dread attending. LET IT GO!


Always be mindful of your time, learn to value time, and see how everything will sort out. Stop procrastinating. Instead, roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Life is all about the choices you make. When you choose to do something, you are deliberately not choosing to do something else, which decides the value you give to your life.

Your quality as a person and the respect you show towards yourself all depend on the priorities you have and the choices you make.

So, respect your time, and invest it wisely.

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Let us know in the comments below - What tricks have worked for you to make the most of the time in your day? 

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