Casual First Date Ideas for Older Adults

First dates don't have to be complicated. Keeping things simple is often the best way to learn more about your potential partner and create a lasting memory for both of you, no matter the outcome.

While choosing a first date activity can be daunting, here are six ideas for older adults that are not only fun and easy but might be something you have yet to try!

6 Great First Date Ideas!

  1. Visit Museums or Art Galleries

    Taking a stroll around a museum or art gallery can teach you a lot about a person and their personality. Are they the type to investigate the details? Or do they prefer to breeze through the entire floor? At the same time, you'll also be exposing yourself to something you've never seen before. This might open up some interesting conversations with your date, and you'll have plenty of things to talk about after your visit.

  2. Take a Sip and Paint Class

    Taking a sip and paint class is a great way to learn about your partner and indulge in a new skill! Whether you're a beginner in the fine arts or a secret Picasso, taking your time sipping your favorite drink while recreating a work of art is a relaxing way to release your creativity. Since it's beginner-friendly and meant to be a peaceful activity, you'll have tons of opportunities to get to know your date better and who they are as a person while having fun!

  3. Watch a Local Comedy Show

    If sharing the same sense of humor is important to you, going to a local comedy night is a great icebreaker for first dates. You'll get to find out what they think is funny or not and what kind of humor they prefer. Having fun and laughing together is important in a relationship, especially at the beginning. So getting to know your date through laughter and joy isn't too bad of an idea!

  4. Relaxing Café Date

    Taking your time at a café and drinking sips of coffee can be a great way to get to know someone. While a café date might sound boring, it's okay to take it slow and simple. Anything can happen, and you'll learn a lot by simply just talking to them over a cup of coffee. Are they the adventurous type? Do they prefer to stay at home or go out to bars? Or are they into watching live performances?

  5. Explore Your Local Area

    Start the relationship with some excitement by touring your local area! Whether heading to a nearby town or exploring an iconic monument, playing tourist in your own city can be exciting and lets you see things through a different lens. So take a break from reality and instead take out your camera and have some fun.

  6. Head To a Local Brewery

    If the two of you enjoy some drinks, going to a local brewery can be an excellent bonding activity. You'll be able to learn the art and skill it takes to churn up a pint of beer while experimenting with some new flavors with your date. This date idea can be a learning experience for both of you, and you'll learn a lot about their taste preferences from just one visit!

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