The Best Board Games To Play With Grandchildren

It's a lot of fun to play board games with your grandchildren. It's a chance to have fun, be goofy, and appreciate each other's company. On a gloomy day, nothing beats a good game of Monopoly or Risk.

Many intellectual skills, according to studies, can be picked up by playing board games with kids. They are getting ready to practice math, problem-solving, and management abilities. In addition, they're developing skills that will serve them well in the classroom, such as the ability to wait patiently, plan ahead, focus intently, and more.

In this post, we've compiled some of our favorite fun and educational board games to play with your grandchildren on the next visit. Have fun!

Board Games for Grandchildren Ages 3-5

Candy Land

Everyone has fond memories of this game from their childhood. A classic game of Candyland is a delight for everyone. The youngest children may join in on the fun with some assistance.

Amazing sights await you on your journey through Candyland, from the Crooked Old Peanut Brittle House and Lollipop Woods to the comforting embrace of Home Sweet Home.

There have been almost sixty years of tradition around this particular counting game. 

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Hi Ho! Cherry-O

Hi-Ho! has been around since the 1960s. Cherry-O has been used successfully to educate toddlers in the fundamentals of arithmetic.

Players can range from two to four cherry-pickers, and each player will receive ten plastic cherries and an empty bucket to begin the game.

Twist the spinner and add 1, 2, 3, or 4 cherries to your basket. Spinning a dog, bird, or spilled bucket can spell trouble, so tread carefully.

An exclamation of "Cherry! Cherry! Cherry!" is heard when one player is lucky enough to collect all ten cherries "Hi-Ho! Cherry-O!!

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Board Games for Grandchildren Ages 5-8

Chinese Checkers

The name "Chinese Checkers" wasn't officially adopted until 1928, though the game was popularized in 1892. The world over, this game has become a staple. Its familiar star form and brightly colored marbles make it an immediate classic, and its straightforward design makes it a breeze to pick up and play. You and the grandchildren will surely enjoy it.

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Get on the floor, give it a good twist, and laugh. Have fun in the backyard or the park. (If you don't have enough kids for a game, maybe some neighbors' kids would like to play!)

Your grandchildren will have a blast playing Twister.

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This amusing game has undoubtedly inspired many people to pursue careers in the medical field.

Sam is the game's patient, sprawled on a red plastic "surgical table" with 12 cutouts representing various organs and holes. The players in intricate procedures use a pair of tweezers. Examples include healing a broken heart or calming stomach butterflies.

A steady hand is essential for this type of operation. It is imperative that during the removal of the bodily component, the metal lining of the cavity is not touched by the doctor. Sam's nose will glow if you touch the metal edge and set off the buzzer.

Try performing all 12 operations with the grandchildren without getting zapped.

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Mouse Trap Board Game

The classic Mouse Trap board game never fails to provide an entertaining evening with the kids.

Collect cheese from other players and try to steal theirs as you race across the board, but beware, there's a trap around the corner!

A lesson on cause and effect, the game shows how every move has consequences. Assembling the various components necessitates the use of construction expertise. Most importantly, though, it facilitates shared experiences of pleasure and education.

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The game involves sliding, colliding, and scoring. Use the deck to determine the length of a pawn's next move. Slide down to the end, bumping your opponents' pawns or your own if you're feeling aggressive. Avoid being discovered by your opponent by zipping over pawns and hiding in the Safety zone. Continue to advance and bump until all three of their pawns have reached Home from Start.

But be careful; you're in trouble if the pawn is pushed. Back to square one, the beginning!

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Mancala, a game of counting and strategy invented thousands of years ago, is a popular pastime all around the globe.

Each player takes it, in turn, to collect the unique stones and place them in the appropriate pockets. They win the game by capturing all of the opponent's stones when they drop a stone into an empty pocket on their side of the board. The winner is determined by who has amassed the greatest number of stones.

It may look like a child's game of marbles, but it promotes critical thinking, strategic planning, and other STEM competencies.

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Board Games for Grandchildren Ages 8-10


Playing this Clue game from the Retro Series is like jumping into a time machine and returning to 1986.

Intriguing gameplay has kept families playing Clue for decades. Did Colonel Mustard use the revolver in the Lounge? Perhaps Miss Peacock was using a Rope to hang herself in the kitchen. You can put your sleuthing skills to the test with a brand-new mystery of foul play in every game.

Put on your detective glasses and travel back to the 1980s with Clue!

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Aggravation is the traditional "marbles around a star" game where players try to make it all the way from the bottom to the top.

The game is played by having each player roll a die and move a marble around the board, making strategic decisions on whether to disturb another player, take a shortcut (or super shortcut!), or try to sneak by undetected (good luck with that!). It's human nature to want to cut corners, but remember that whoever is after you might also be trying to save time.

Whoever gets home first is declared the winner.

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Stratego has been thrilling strategy game fans for over 50 years by encouraging them to challenge an opponent and seek to lead their army to victory.

Two players assume the roles of Napoleonic generals and strategize the deployment of their soldiers to seize the opposing team's flag.

Also, this one's for your mature grandkids who are always up for a good challenge. It's a game of strategy, so you'll need to put in some time and effort.

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Password is a traditional word game that you can enjoy with your Grandchildren.

Use one of the password cards. Use a one-word clue to help your teammate figure out the answer. When a team fails to decode the Password, it is given to the next. When team members successfully guess the Password, they earn points for their efforts.

Change the code word, and the game can restart. In the end, the winner is the team with the most points.

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Board games are fun for the whole family, but it can be difficult for the smaller grandchildren to join in while their older cousins and siblings are playing. Choose a board game from the list above geared toward younger players and schedule some gaming time with the adults and the younger grandchildren. You'll create memories to cherish for years to come!

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