6 Reasons to Laugh More as We Age

Do you know of a medicine that is available at zero cost and attainable almost all the time? You heard us right; it is called laughter!

Laughter contributes to a sense of well-being and encourages you to have an optimistic outlook in life. It leads to a more relaxed state of mind and helps you focus on the positive outcomes of a situation. Laughter allows you to connect to your loved ones and bring an excellent mood to yourself and the people around you. It is true when people say that your attitude affects your body, mind, and soul.

Laughing with your friends, or even on your own, not only has mental but many physical advantages as well. Doctors across the world have suggested that the best, and often, the easiest way of dealing with an issue is to crack a joke and laugh. There is much more depth to this claim, and we will learn more about it as we go on!

Benefits of Laughter!

  1. Laughing is Free Therapy

    Laughter generates an improved general sense of prosperity. In the worst of times, if you focus on the things that you can look forward to and laugh at that thought, you are better able to get through some of the most challenging situations in life. Hurdles suddenly become surmountable and fears decrease. Some even practice "Laughter Therapy" as a way to laugh more and improve emotional well-being.

  2. Laughing Minimizes Clingy Toxicity

    older woman outdoors laughing out loud smilingAnxiety and depression are dreadful and can cause setbacks in your life. For many people, being in a bad mood often triggers anxiety, which causes further stress. Do you know what can help prevent anxiety and stress from arising? It is laughter! It enables you to release precious endorphins in your body, which, in turn, reduce pain and help you feel better. Negative thoughts develop chemicals that are harmful to your overall health and well-being. These chemicals destroy the energy powerhouse in your body, which is called the mitochondria. These toxins further cause stress and reduce your ability to metabolize. This is why the release of neuropeptides and endorphins through positive thinking helps you detoxify your body and live a healthy lifestyle.

  3. Laughing is a Workout

    Laughter requires stretching of muscles in the face and body, increased pulse, and faster breathing. These physical responses are similar to what the body experiences during exercise, and many believe laughter offers some of the same advantages. Laughter researcher, William Fry, even claimed that one minute of hearty laughter spiked his heart rate to a level that would have taken ten minutes on a rowing machine to reach. This is not meant to say you should stop exercising. However, it is beneficial to your overall health to laugh more often.

  4. Laughing Protects the Heart

    You might find this quite hard to believe, but doctors have suggested that laughter helps improve cardiovascular health! For people at greater risk of stroke or heart failure, especially those who are 55 years or older, laughter is a great medicine that helps keep blood pressure levels in check. Happiness and laughter also help to protect the heart by improving the function of blood vessels as well. Researchers have even indicated that this increased blood flow caused by laughter is similar to the benefits of cholesterol-lowering drugs and aerobic exercise. 

    How convenient is that? You can turn on the TV, watch your favorite comedy movie with a cup of hot chocolate or tea in your hand, and cozy up in your comfortable sofa seat. At the same time, laughter does its job and helps you feel better in no time.

  5. Laughing Replaces Negativity

    older couple laughing together outsideFeeling bitter and holding resentments more often? That might be because you do not have enough smiles in your day. There is nothing more powerful than a simple, hearty laugh to help you diffuse bitterness and avoid holding grudges over a minor conflict with someone. Staying happy, relaxed, and peaceful will help you solve so many problems in your life that you will start weaving more laughter into your lifestyle!

  6. Laughing is a Pathway to a Longer and More Fruitful Life!

    A study from Norway reveals that people who laugh more often are also likely to live longer. Having a strong sense of humor and a positive outlook will help you live your life to the fullest for longer! 

If you don't believe in the many benefits of laughter, try it out for yourself and take note of how you feel. Watch your muscles and emotions release tensions. Relaxation takes over you; thank us later! Tell us below, what has made you laugh today?