3 Tips to Solve a Sudoku Puzzle

There is no one-trick-solves-all or guaranteed way out when it comes to solving Sudoku puzzles. You need to use your mind and think critically so that you can fill the blanks, which is also why Sudoku is a great workout for the brain! Guesswork is not part of the solution because Sudoku puzzles deal with logic and proven methodologies to arrive at the outcome. If you assume the answers, you will likely guess an incorrect number, which will only result in more errors throughout the puzzle. The primary qualities required are brainstorming, patience, understanding the clues, and being creative. The following are some easy Sudoku tips you can use to help you solve your next Sudoku puzzle.  

3 Tips to Complete Your Sudoku Puzzle

  1. Following The Numbers Indicated

    To solve a Sudoku puzzle, the 9x9 grid must be completed so that each row, column, and 3x3 square contains the digits 1-9. One helpful strategy is to follow the numbers 1-9 in ascending order so that you can be exact. Disruption of this order can be a sign of impatience, which often leads to wrong answers and missed opportunities.

    The blanks are filled by elimination and deducting the already known answers. Looks for squares that could only be one possible number, because all the others are already either in that boxes column, row, or 3x3 box. Being tactful is vital because the rows and columns can look similar, and the whole grid is filled by starting with the easy ones. Always look at the numbers before blindly filling the puzzle. The numbers will guide you, but you have to be good at the mind games to succeed.

  2. Critically Brainstorm

    sudoku puzzles

    Guesswork is prohibited in this game because you have to solve the puzzle logically. Remember that mental fitness comes in handy with training yourself to use the neurological cells. You have to master the questions and follow the already filled examples carefully. Look for the clues from the areas you are confident about until you get the route to the answer. This will help recognize the correct place to place the first answer.The majority of puzzle solvers agree that mastering the whole game begins with understanding the first answer, which is true! Do not rush because you could be led to wrong answers. Sudoku puzzles are not about speed, and being careless will not lead to the desired outcome.

  3. Make Use of Elimination in the Sudoku Puzzle

    Solving these puzzles requires that you consider the choices remaining after filling the ones you know are correct. There is no repetition in this puzzle because the answers are not identical. Having fewer options to fill makes it easier and more enjoyable because you will have a less complicated game. If you are comfortable with any style, use the strategy that you find the most success.

    Whatever works for you is appropriate for practical thinking and getting the blanks filled. The elimination process works by canceling the already completed numbers and sorting the ones that are yet to be filled. Many like to choose the numbers by canceling with a tick or a cross sign. By determining which number cannot be placed in certain boxes, it often leads to conclusions about which numbers can be placed, even if it is in a different box on that row/column/box than you were initially trying to identify.

    This is appropriate for puzzle solvers of any age and a favorite fun game because it keeps you glued to the piece of paper and your mind active. Keep in mind, the goal is not to have the spaces filled, but to have them answered correctly.  

If you are a beginner at Sudoku puzzles, start with puzzles with many spaces already filled until you upgrade to the complicated ones. Cantissimo Senior Living's Daily Sudoku has four difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. With each step in difficulty level, fewer numbers are provided, and more advanced strategies are required. By playing at the appropriate difficulty level, you will increase your interest in the game. 

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