7 Easy Ways To Waste Less Food

Whether to help save the earth or to help save your wallet, there are many reasons to make efforts to waste less food. We all feel a bit guilty when we throw out half of a deliciously prepared meal or when we find ingredients in the fridge that have already gone bad. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take today to reduce your food waste!

Follow These Tips to Reduce Food Waste!

  1. Limit Food Shopping

    Limiting what you need and what you purchase helps ensure that what you buy is consumed wholly. Restricting your food shopping also lessens the burden on your fridge, keeping it organized and easier to go through when searching for a snack.

    When buying fruits and vegetables, make sure you are buying the ones you will eat, not those that just look good. Remember, you need the nutrients more than the outlook of the fruit.
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  2. Store Food in an Efficient Way

    There is no doubt that, sometimes, some food will be left over. The best way to ensure safe storage is to either freeze the food so you can eat it later or move the older food in the front and the new one in the back. This way, older food will be consumed sooner.

    By storing food, you are also looking out for your budget; the more food stored, the less likely a need for unnecessary shopping.

  3. Say "No" to Wastage

    Wasting food is never a good idea. Not only are you wasting the money you spent to buy that food, but you are also polluting the environment. One of the best habits you could implement in your daily life is to take the waste food and turn it into fertilizer for your plants. By doing so, you are helping plants get the best nutrients and thrive. If you can't eat it, at least it can still be put to great use! Consider learning how to compost, and your extra food waste can be put to great use! 

  4. Local Production is the Future

    When buying healthy and organic food, why go to an overpriced supermarket when you can go to the local market and get it straight from the farmer? In addition, by supporting your local small business that bring in their production, you are giving rise to your local community. Along with boosting economic growth, you are also fighting against the pollution caused by carrier trucks and vehicles.

  5. Donate and Share Your Leftovers

    You may have heard the familiar phrase; sharing is caring. Well, it is true. If you have an excess of food, the better option is to share it with those who have none. By doing so, you will not only be contributing to dealing with the hungry but also have a moment of personal fulfillment.

    Donating to a local food shelf is a great option. However, this doesn't necessarily need to be limited to the homeless or hungry. You could also start a chain where you and your neighbors could share food, thus building more harmony and tranquility.

  6. Practice Sustainable Eating Habits

    Sustainable eating habits include preparing food that doesn't require much time and management. For example, this could be a quick salad from a healthy recipe you decide to follow. Either way, the ingredients are not expensive and easy to make.

    This would also include creating meals out of leftovers. This way, the food is not wasted and goes to good use with a new taste and outlook.

  7. Pack a Lunch When Going Out

    When going out, pack your lunch with the food you have at home. There is nothing wrong with eating out or enjoying yourself with your friend, but where possible, try your best to make sure that you make the food that you eat with the food that you have at home.

    The expiration date and sell-by date are two very different things. Eat food before it expires; the sell-by date is to warn you that you should have eaten it by now.

These are just some of the best ways in which you can help yourself when it comes to preventing food waste. By playing your part as a conscientious eater, you can help ensure that the food you eat is preserved and not wasted.

Let us know in the comments below - What is your favorite way to reduce food waste? 

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