Helping Your Adult Children Financially:

Volume One - Why They Need Help

eBook - Helping Your Adult Children Financially Volume 1 - COVER ONLY

Baby Boomers (1946-1963) are almost completely retired. The tail end of this generation will turn 65 in 2028. As they settle into their prosperous “golden years,” however, they face the unsettling reality that their children may not be achieving the same level of affluence.

Gen X (1964-1978), Millennials (1979-1995) and Gen Z (1996-2012) have been gaining wealth at a slower rate as compared to their Boomer

As a result, many Boomers have decided to help their adult children

This Living 50+ eBook (Volume One) will point out why post-Boomer generations have lagged behind, thereby motivating their parents to provide a fiscal rescue. It will also explain why parents need to be prudent as they consider spreading their wealth. (Volume Two is devoted to explaining specific methods for helping financially.)

By examining this impulse to be generous, Boomer parents can make better decisions in supporting their grown-up offspring toward longterm financial independence.


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